The Process

The process of making a TAT2 Bat starts by closely monitoring where our wood billets are coming from. We source only the finest maple and ash billets to ensure only the best quality of wood gets turned into a TAT2 Bat. Each billet is then individually graded, weighed, and sorted. This extra attention to detail helps insure that the TAT2 Bat you order is the correct weight and balance point you desire even prior to turning.

After we’ve selected the perfect billet for your bat, it is then turned by our high performance precision lathe to the appropriate bat shape and size according to your order specifications. After your bat has been turned It is then weighed again and inspected for any visible flaws.

After passing its second inspection, your TAT2 Bat is carefully hand sanded through a tedious six step sanding progression to ensure that the surface is as smooth as possible. We will then inspect the bat for any flaws and check the dimensions at certain points to make sure your bat is within our quality tolerances. Before your bat moves onto the next step we steel compress the barrel to ensure all grains are tight and sealed to provide the hardest barrel on the market.

All dust is thoroughly removed before entering our climate controlled and air-filtered staining room. Prior to any stain application, your bat is once again inspected and weighed. In our finish room, our craftsman carefully hand apply the custom colors to ensure proper color penetration and evenness to bring out the beauty of the wood and bring your TAT2 Bat to life.

After allowing the stain to properly dry, each bat passes through another thorough inspection prior to receiving its first coat of sealer. After passing this inspection, we apply the TAT2 Bat logo before it receives our extremely hard and durable finish coat. Between each coat, we hand sand the bat to provide one of the best finishes in the market today.

After the finish has had the appropriate time to cure and harden (usually 3 days), your TAT2 Bat is once again weighed and inspected before being engraved, wrapped and shipped.

As you can see, there are many steps to creating a custom TAT2 Bat. Because each bat is individually crafted one at a time we are able to set the highest standards to ensure the bat you receive is worthy of battle on the field.